As we journey down the road ahead this year, we are beginning strong by corporately dedicating the beginning weeks through fasting and praying. 

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14 day fast

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prayer tips

1. Intentionally set aside a few minutes each day to just think about God


2. When you have more than just a minute or two to pray, read an encouraging verse from the Bible or passage from a good devotional book to lift your faith.


3. Prepare a written list of your most urgent and desperate needs. Be specific in your need but avoid the tendency to tell God how to do His work. Remember to pray for the needs of others. Pray specifically for those who have hurt you.


4. Pray out loud in your normal speaking voice, tone and volume


5. Pray throughout the day in brief prayers -prayer snacks.


6. Prayer includes praise, thanksgiving, and asking God for what you need. Remember to do all three.


7. Believe that God hears you and that He will answer.


8. Never use negative thoughts or doubt-filled conversation in prayer.


9. Always ask for God's will to be done in every matter. God's will is always best and in the end -if different than what you think you need -better. Resolve that you will accept and receive His will. Trust Him.


10. Find a place to pray where you can be alone with God, away from other people, the television, radio, and other distractions