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Worship is a necessary part of CLC's services. The team that functions in this realm ushers in our congregation towards the presence of God. CLC's worship does not try to stay in a box but instead listens to what the holy spirit wants to do. This allows them to function in different genres and giftings. You can watch the team live during every Sunday service, they start right around 10 AM

Meet the Leader of Worship at CLC

Michelle Horvath

The Worship Team of Calvary Lighthouse has been lead by Michelle Horvath for over 25 years. Her passion for praise & worship has stirred up the hearts of to intercede for the thrown ever since she started. She has always been forward-thinking in this area which has ushered in the congregation at new realms of the presence of God. The prophecies, healing, intercession, and other giftings she operates has given her the ability to write many songs of praise and worship. Michelle has performed all over the world inspiring many other leaders to create new material on heavenly things. Michelle is a one of kind artist and CLC is so thankful to have her function in this church.

Michele Horvath leading CLC in time of worship
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