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The 7:14 prayer meeting is a shining example of the power of prayer and the beauty of community. This online gathering, which started on August 10th, 2020, has been going strong for over 900 days, with unbroken prayers offered up by people from all over the world. 7:14 prayer is based on the scripture verse 2nd Cronicicles 7:14, the 7:14 prayer meeting is a place where intercessors can come together to seek God's face, pray for one another, and lift up the needs of the world.


Led by the visionary Dr. James Horvath, this global movement has grown to include millions of intercessors from all walks of life, all united in their shared commitment to prayer. The atmosphere of the 7:14 prayer meeting is one of hope, faith, and joy. Through the power of technology, intercessors are able to connect with one another from every corner of the globe, sharing their hearts and their prayers in a spirit of love and unity.


It's a place where intercessors can come as they are, without judgment or condemnation, and find the strength and support they need to face life's challenges. And perhaps most importantly, the 7:14 prayer meeting is a place where miracles happen. Countless testimonies have been shared of healings, breakthroughs, and answered prayers, all through the power of united prayer. It's a reminder that no matter how dark the world may seem, there is always hope in the presence of God. So if you're looking for a community of faith-filled believers who are committed to prayer and to one another, look no further than the 7:14 prayer meeting. It's a place where you can find hope, healing, and the power of the Holy Spirit, all in the company of amazing intercessors from all around the world.

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