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Dear CLC, 7:14, and W4J PARTNERS,

THANKSGIVING Greetings in Christ……This Is Absolutely One
of The Greatest Times of The Year!


This is my annual Thanksgiving letter to our followers.

First, let me stop and say, “The #1 thing that I am thankful for is
YOU!” I always pray and thank God for you and for what He is
doing in and through you around the world. It is such a privilege
to speak into all your lives on a regular basis.

Second, I would like your help as we prepare for our Annual
Farmer’s Thanksgiving Service (FTS) Sunday, November 20,
2022. I have heard all year long how God has worked in your
life and family. Will you share those with me again? Our staff
have included a “Thanksgiving Testimonial Card” that I would
like for you to fill out. Please share your testimonies “Of What
God Did for You In 2022” with me, so that I can compile them
and use them for our FTS. It is one of my favorite services of
the year!

God uses the testimony! The Bible says, “We overcome Satan
by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony!”
Rev. 12:11

Your Thanksgiving Testimony is so important because it is not
only the key to your overcoming, but it is also the key to
building up the faith of those connected to you! Someone needs
to hear about what God has done in your life. Your experiences
can change others lives.

Finally, every FTS we have a Special Project to sow our finances
into. This year God has put W4J World Missions on my heart. As we come out of Covid, the church must be positioned for Worldwide Revival! Consider how you might be able to support W4J.

God’s Final End-time Harvest. We have now seen over one million souls come into the kingdom through our nationwide invasions. Entire nations like the Philippines, Ireland, and the Bahamas are now in full-blown revival as a result of W4J initiatives.

Your W4J Pledge is critical for us to be prepared. Nations are in
the balance now! We have more than a dozen nations that our
advance teams are actively traveling into preparing them for soon coming nationwide crusades.


World-Wide Revival is in the Air!

Thank you for giving and sharing your life for the sake of the Gospel!

Dr. James and Michele Horvath
Senior Pastors of Calvary Lighthouse
Co-Founders of W4J


Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it
all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father
through him.”

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